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Healthy employees are happy employees.

When employees feel well, their productivity increases, energy and mood lifts, and overall morale boosts. Corporations that embrace a healthy work environment benefit by seeing their profits increase, insurance costs decrease, lower absentee rate and a growing bottom line.

Wouldn’t it be nice to give the power to the employee by giving them a lifelong tool they can use to control their acid reflux, GERD or silent acid reflux naturally?  The  Healing Acid Reflux (HAR) programs provide those self-reliant tools by enabling them to identify their unique food and lifestyle triggers, which allows for better results as a long-term solution.

Easing your mind improves your overall well-being.


More than 60 million Americans have acid reflux, while another 50 million don’t even know they have it. It’s called Silent Acid Reflux, and if left untreated can cause esophageal damage which can lead to cancer.


In 2012, the U.S spent $2.8 trillion on healthcare, more than any other industrialized nation. (1)


61% of employers said their employees’ health habits were their biggest concern (1)


In a recent study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion found that businesses spent an average of $8,067 per employee every year for obesity-related illnesses. (1) Obesity is one of the major contributing factors to acid reflux disease.


Only 50% of prescribed medications are adhered to, while less than 10% stay with lifestyle changes. (2)

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Healthy employees keep morale high.

Wellness Consultants Should Have This in Their Portfolio As Well


Consultants who want to supply an all-encompassing proven successful program to their clients which will provide the customer with an ROI.

Consultants wanting to offer their customers programs that go above and beyond the usual scope of options while still obtaining an ROI.



Why are the Healing Acid Reflux Programs part of the growing trend?


  • To be a leader in your field, a program that aims to improve employee health and well-being is imperative. The HAR programs do just that.
  • There is a return on your investment within the first few weeks of the programs.
  • It’s easy, affordable and convenient for the employee.
  • No interference with work since time is very flexible.
  • Compliments other wellness programs already in place.
  • Everyone wins.

Healthier employees lead to increased productivity.

The HAR programs are executed virtually using a proprietary method allowing each person to discover their unique food and lifestyle triggers as well as reduce or eliminate medication used for acid reflux. Our programs provide the employees with lifelong tools, so they will always be able to monitor their unique triggers.

The programs also address weight loss, stress reduction and nutritional information. Times for the programs can be very flexible for your employee’s needs. Pricing can be negotiated based on a group rate.

Are you ready to be part of the growing wellness trend and the Healing Acid Reflux Movement?