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The Healing Acid Reflux DIY Program

Say Goodbye to Acid Reflux and Hello to a New You!

  • Discover your unique formula to naturally alleviate symptoms and heal your body
  • Many participants are able to reduce or eliminate prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Coaching videos by Certified Holistic Health Coach Susan Berman
  • Five videos in all, emailed to you weekly
  • Access to DIY journals to track food and lifestyle changes
  • Downloadable PDFs and charts for your personal use
  • Improve your overall health and fully enjoy all that life has to offer once again!

Self-Directed Course

Date and time at your convenience!

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The Silent Acid Reflux Quiz can save your life.
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More than 50 million Americans and approximately 1 in 2 adult women have Silent Acid Reflux (SAR) and don’t even know it. Could this be you?

If left untreated, SAR can cause esophageal cancer. The good news?

SAR can be healed naturally, so let’s get started! Take the quiz now.