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More About Susan

Susan comes from a very loving family. She is the youngest of three girls. Her father yearned for a boy so much that for the first year he apparently kept calling her “Howard Peter.” But he knew after awhile he had to come to grips that she was not his Howard Peter, but she did become his “princess,” and he became her “king.” As an adolescent, Susan was the type of child that you would find up at the top of a tall tree or riding her bike to the store. However, when Susan was a young child, she suffered from a kidney disease which required her to take large doses of prednisone. Because her weight was in constant fluctuation, trying to eat healthy started at an early age.

Susan grew up in a small town outside the New Haven area of Connecticut. She attended Boston University and majored in business, and some years later she obtained her Masters in Education from the University of Hartford. Afterward, work drew her to NYC, but a few years later she came back to Connecticut to get married. Twin boys came from the marriage, and are already college graduates.

Susan says, “When my boys were young they gave me a run for my money. They would do anything from climbing up on the countertops to hanging out the windows. As athletic as one was, the other used his creativity. One showed his independence from the time he wanted to hold his bottle himself, while his brother was much more dependent, wanting me to continue holding his bottle to feed him. Now that they are on their own, they continue to carry their traits to adulthood.” The independent/creative son is now in Los Angeles trying to make his mark in the film world. Her other son works in finance for a large corporation. Susan claims, “He’ll still ask someone to spread his cream cheese on his bagel because he’s convinced we do a better job.” Nature vs. Nurture?

After her divorce, Susan began to date her dentist, Elliot. She loved him right away. He was a work hard, play hard type of guy. Then in 2009, their world came crashing down. Elliot was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and unfortunately, he passed away after an almost four-year struggle. While he was sick, Susan attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became certified as a Holistic Health Coach. She has learned a lot about acid reflux through her caring for Elliot as well as hours of research on her own. Susan is determined to bring self-awareness to others to make some meaning of Elliot’s passing.  You can read more about Susan and Elliot’s story here.

When Susan is not working on her programs, she leads a healthy lifestyle. She just completed her first half marathon and will continue to train for more races. Barre, spinning, hiking, and golf are all part of her weekly routines. Susan has done quite a bit of travel. She rode on the back of a camel and went “glamping” in the Sahara Desert as well as kayaked and hiked in the Greek Islands. Zip-lining in the Alaskan forest was a thrill and traversing numerous trails in the National Parks never got tiresome. Susan is very conscientious of what she eats but tries not to deprive herself of many foods. She uses many suitable substitutions for foods that would otherwise be unhealthy. Connect with Susan on DaoCloud.

Charlotte and Mable, Susan’s two cockapoos, keep her company throughout the day. They love to take walks and mingle with anyone who has two legs.