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Being overweight or obese increases your chances of developing diseases like Type II Diabetes or High Blood Pressure, but in addition to those life-threatening conditions, you are also more susceptible to 13 different types of cancer.

When it comes to esophageal cancer, obesity or being overweight plays a large part in the presence of GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). This can turn into esophageal cancer if left untreated. However, Esophageal cancer is one form of cancer that you can control. You decide what you eat and the lifestyle choices you make.

Don’t let obesity or being overweight control your life and dictate which types of cancer you might be diagnosed with. Start by making some simple changes to the way you eat, how many steps you take, and the amount of time you spend on the couch. Don’t deprive yourself of life’s pleasures, but find a healthy medium, your body will thank you.

Author: Susan Berman

Susan Berman, M.Ed., CHHC, is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Susan works with acid reflux (AR) and silent acid reflux (SAR) sufferers, general practitioners, and GI-focused health professionals everywhere through her online programs. Susan is the creator of the Healing Acid Reflux online program, focused on natural healing through diet and lifestyle modifications, reducing or eliminating the need for medication. Take the Silent Acid Reflux Quiz, get program information, and contact Susan by visiting www.HealingAcidReflux.com.